2 min read | 7 months ago

Sky Mining CEO Has Disappeared with $35 Million US Dollars Since Last Week


Sky Mining is a company in Vietnam which provides miners to investors. People who invest  $100 to $5000 would able to rent the crypto miners and machine. The firm promised investors three times return within one year.


However, according to report from investors last Friday, the CEO of the company Le Minh Tam and his team have left without any announcement. Tam reported that he sold out all of the 600 mining machines to pay his economic losses, and he said that everything he did was to save his life.


Some investors have already started a lawsuit for their loss, but it is uncertain that those investors will get their money back now. After Monday this week, no one has any informations from Tam’s main office, and investors are still not able to contact him.


Even though the deputy chairman of Sky Mining is trying to build a temporary group to maintain the company, he has to give up to protect his family and himself. The deputy chairman just claimed that Tom flew to the United States with 35 million US dollars because Tam controlled whole company from financial, business and other aspects.


Most people have considered Sky Mining a scam now. The news will keep watching the company and the CEO about their next steps.



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