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New Apple Policy Bars Any Crypto Mining Apps on its Mobile Products


Apple has forbidden any crypto-mining apps from being used on its products. 


Before this decision, the personal computing company’s guidelines declared that application programs that associate with cryptocurrency exchanges and initial coin offerings (ICOs) have to follow all applicable state and federal laws. The guidelines include five significant points which relate to Apple’s policy on mining, ICOs, exchanges, wallets and cryptocurrency rewards.


Since the updated policy came out, Apple products need to stop using any apps involved in mining for cryptocurrencies.


This statement seems related to Apple’s policies on hardware compatibility, which include:


“Design your app to use power efficiently. Apps should not rapidly drain battery, generate excessive heat, or put unnecessary strain on device resources. Apps, including any third party advertisements displayed within them, may not run unrelated background processes, such as cryptocurrency mining.”


 Apple used to have an app for blockchain in 2014, and the app focused on storage and trading Bitcoin on Apple devices.



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