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Circle Released Their Assets Framework for Evaluation


 The high-tech startup Circle is using blockchain to achieve peer to peer payments. It issued some new details on how cryptocurrencies will be select for investment and trading markets by Circle.


This blockchain based company released its framework of assets on June 19th this year, and it outlined evaluation of some aspects when producing a line of Circle Invest and Circle Trade assets.


The different aspects include fundamental knowledge of the projects, the technology supporting a token, the employees behind a program, the business model they used and market that is able to be used. 


Circle has explained in the news that “one of our primary goals for Circle products like Poloniex, Invest and Trade is to provide our customers with access to innovative new projects that fuel the industry.”


The major reason that Circle made a list of potential questions during evaluation is that they hope this framework will “help us prioritize new listings according to the opportunity they present for Poloniex customers,” but “not…be a comprehensive checklist of requirements that projects must meet.”


Circle Invest has already supplied bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, zcash, ethereum and ethereum classic.


At present, Circle began looking for a bank license to trade cryptocurrency tokens in the U.S.



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